Three (3) i-PRO products received Good Design Award

October 05, 2020

Highly evaluated for minimal design, design that accurately analyzes and considers requirements, and completeness through steady improvement

Fukuoka, JAPAN (Oct 05, 2020) – Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that three (3) of i-PRO products have received Good Design Awards this year 2020.

The Good Design Award is a "comprehensive design recommendation system" organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion, which aims to enrich our lives, industries, and society as a whole by selecting and commending "Good Design" from a variety of events. All the awards will be presented as Panasonic Corporation.

We i-PRO will continue our search for better products and continue to contribute to the realization of a society in which people can enjoy themselves with smiles through safety and security initiatives.


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Evaluation of the design of Panasonic's professional equipment group
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i-PRO products awarded and their features 


  1. Network camera [Panasonic WV-U 2532 L/WV-U 2542 L] 
    • Product Overview:
      Outdoor network camera in the popular price range suitable for building monitoring systems. Reasonable prices are achieved by limiting to necessary and sufficient specifications for semi-outdoor applications such as under eaves. The use of packaging that simplifies the setup process also reduces the burden on integrators. Styling is intended to show its presence by expressing its robust performance and to prevent crime. 
    • Design Features:
    1. Tough design that demonstrates robust performance, preventing vandalism to security cameras
    2. Newly developed paint that adapts to the color of walls and ceilings and has excellent weatherability
    3. Adoption of "Easy Kitting Packaging" for setting the camera without taking it out of the box 
  2. Network camera [Panasonic WV-U 1134 J/U 1114 J/U 1133 J/U 1113 J] 
    • Product Overview:
      A network camera for security camera systems in convenience stores and small stores. This is an entry-level model that has the same shooting performance as the high-end models, but with no special functions, and is easy to introduce at a reasonable price. To prevent crime by forming a cylindrical form indicating the photographing direction by appearance. Since this item is placed close to people, it has a minimal design that does not damage the impression of the store space.

    • Design Features:
    1. 40% smaller in volume than the top model and with minimal form, harmonized with the store environment
    2. Adopts the color of walls and ceilings, and adopts the body color which is resistant to yellowing during long-term use
    3. Adopts "Easy Kitting Packaging" that enables the camera to be set without removing it from the packaging box 
  3. Wearable camera [Panasonic WV-BWC4000/WV-BWC4000E]
    • Product Overview:
      A camera worn by police officers on duty to record incidents and accidents. By pressing the recording key, you can record the image from 3 minutes before. It can be used continuously for 12 hours, and can be replaced with a new battery pack. Equipped with four microphones, it is possible to identify the voice of the person in the video, thereby increasing its value as an evidence image.

    • Design Features:
    1. Approximately 30% thinner and 10% lighter than current models to reduce the burden on the body
    2. Reduce the risk of police officers with recording keys that can be reliably pressed by touch without taking your eyes off the suspect
    3. A new battery replacement system is adopted to maintain the shooting condition at all times 

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