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Panasonic i-PRO Partners with Genetec Inc. on New Cloud-Based Digital Evidence Management System

April 06, 2021

Rolling Meadows, IL (April 06, 2021) – Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America, a global leader in advanced sensing technologies, is partnering with Genetec Inc. (Genetec), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, to offer a cloud-based digital evidence management system (DEMS) for law enforcement customers. CloUDE Powered by Genetec is a new solution that offers the added versatility and option of storing video evidence and data in the cloud versus on-site, which is much more convenient and cost-effective.

CloUDE Powered by Genetec works directly with Panasonic i-PRO’s industry-leading body-worn cameras (MK3 and BWC4000) and in-vehicle camera (MK3 and VPU4000) systems, and it allows law enforcement agencies to retain complete ownership of all evidence and metadata. Additionally, officers and investigators can gather digital evidence from a variety of sources, and easily store, manage, review and share it from within a single application. Cases and digital evidence can also be shared with different parties, and access is controlled through security policies managed in the application. Plus, audit trails log all user actions to maintain chain of custody and are available for management review at any time.

“This innovative law enforcement solution, developed in partnership with Genetec, enables agencies to reduce the amount of time and money spent on evidence management with complete confidence that critical data is secure,” said Bill Brennan, President, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America. “With this addition to our public safety offering, i-PRO provides an end-to-end digital evidence solution – from video capture to evidence storage and sharing. We’ve got it all covered.”

“We’re excited to work with i-PRO and collaborate with their public safety group,” said Christian Morin, Vice President of Cloud Services and CSO at Genetec Inc. “With an increasing amount of highly sensitive video being collected and managed by public safety and law enforcement agencies, the need for a secure, scalable solution that helps them streamline their operations while protecting data and individuals’ privacy is critical. This cloud-based solution makes this accessible to agencies of all sizes.”

CloUDE Powered by Genetec will be available from Panasonic i-PRO through its resellers effective April 15, 2021.

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