“PORTA” Has Resolved Security Concerns at Smart Home (Dream) ! - Resolving Future Challenges with the Power of Design through Future Design Challenge

April 01, 2022

Future Design Challenge is participating April Dream.
This press release is the April Dream of "PORTA".


Fukuoka, JAPAN (April 1st, 2021) – So-called “Smart Homes” have been introduced in our houses since early 2010s. It is very convenient for controlling various appliances connected by network in one place. People, however, have been feeling anxious about hacking or leakage of private information through the smart home network. Now, you don’t need to worry about security concerns. “PORTA” is a virtual gate keeper placed between home network and outside network. With PORTA, your precious home is protected with strong security and backup functions (This is our dream).

In truth, PORTA is a concept presented by Ms. La Myra Bening from Indonesia who won the Gold Award at “Future Design Challenge” ( https://i-pro.futuredesignchallenge.com/ ), a design competition collecting supreme ideas striking a chord of people and society from all over the world.




In addition to the concept of a product that protects the safety of the entire smart home and its specific functions, its overall design of the product is excellent, and the well-prepared presentation that accurately conveys the value of the concept convinced judges in winning the Gold Award for PORTA. You can check her splendid presentation on YouTube https://youtu.be/laZcYpsY8NM.

Future Design Challenge was born out of belief in the power of design to solve global problems in future society. The first competition was held last year based on the theme, "A future society where technology has become too advanced, what kind of design can solve the crimes that occur there?"

An important thing when designing future idea is to consider what kind of things that we in future will experience, feel problem or pain on what kinds of things, and feel necessity by penetrating into both factors “a change or a trend based on the fact and data” and “unchangeable values or basic needs of people”

This competition will regard whole thinking processes as “DESIGN”. To assess submissions, following three criteria and requirements were considered;
1. Uniqueness of concept (innovative, original, and a compelling idea)
2. Quality of design (potential positive social, environmental impact)
3. Presentation (thinking process should be clarified)

The schedule and theme of Future Design Challenge 2022 will be announced soon after it is decided. We hope to see various tremendous ideas which can realize future dreams with the power of “DESIGN” from all over the world.

April Dream is a project that introduces dreams that companies hope to achieve in the future on April 1 by PR TIMES. We are seriously aiming to realize this dream.

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Future Design Challenge (organized by i-PRO Co., Ltd.)
E-mail : info@futuredesignchallenge.com

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