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Global Design Competition "Future Design Challenge" Gold Award Goes to "SOUND BRICK" by Agnes Filica Giovinna of Indonesia

March 28, 2023

Tokyo, JAPAN (March 28, 2023) – i-PRO Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the winners of the "Future Design Challenge" Gold Award goes to “SOUND BRICK” by Agnes Filica Giovinna of Indonesia.

img01_soundbrickBased on the theme of this year's competition, " Averting Future Climate Crises Through The Power Of Engineering," we received diverse applications from various countries and regions. Many of the entries were of a very high level of ideas, considering problems that have already become apparent or will become apparent in the near future and skillfully incorporating concepts for solving them into concrete forms.

As a result of the strict evaluation by four judges, the Gold Award went to "SOUND BRICK" by Agnes Filica Giovinna of Indonesia, and the Silver Award went to "moene" by team moene of Japan and "ESC 1" by Korean/Japanese creative collective IVAAIU City.

Gold Award
“SOUND BRICK” Agnes Filica Giovinna (Indonesia)
img02_soundbrick_slidesConcept Description: SOUND BRICK is a wall made of foam, that absorbs sound waves and converts them into electrical energy to diminish the use of fossil fuels. Compared to solar panels and wind turbines, it doesn’t require as much maintenance, materials, and a huge land to function. People can install SOUND BRICK in their homes or offices and enjoy their electricity in a renewable-friendly way.
 img03_soundbrick_agnesProfile: Agnes Filica Giovinna is a student from BINUS Northumbria School of Design studying graphic design and screen-based interfaces. As someone who was raised in Indonesia while being familiar with both Asian and Western influences — she is a graphic designer of logical and imaginative caliber. Today, she sees herself as a designer of many shapes and colors. 

Comment from Judge: (La Myra Bening) The concept is quite clear and well-presented, and the design process is explained clearly. (Takuma Iwasa) It is a very interesting concept and would have significant impact if it could be realized.

Silver Award
“moene” team moene (Japan)
img04_moeneConcept Description: This is a product that generates electricity while capturing CO2 using the power of algae, making it possible to produce electricity anywhere.
Concept Video: https://youtu.be/lgYaeqFexaY

img05_moene_profileProfile: team moene is a unit consisting of WENJIN MA and CHISATO SARUWATARI. Ma graduated from Tama Art University and as a UX designer, specialises in designing from service conception to UXUI design, with user experience and creativity as the starting point. Saruwatari graduated from Musashino Art University and is interested in solving social issues, and is active as a designer who works on solving issues that are not restricted by the medium of expression while focusing on visual design. They both work for Dentsu Digital, a leading digital marketing company.

Comment from Judge: (La Myra Bening) Great concept on algae to electricity application. Presentation is presented quite clearly as well.

Silver Award
“ESC 1” IVAAIU City (Korea/Japan)
img06_ESC1Concept Description: ESC 1 is a wearable rescue signal device for wildfire refugees. It collects energy during regular days, and when a disaster happens, it helps people use it to distress light signals to  rescue helicopters or surveillance drones. Also, people can use it to charge essential electrical devices to communicate with the emergency organizations around them.

img07_ESC1_profileProfile: IVAAIU City is a new media creators' collective based in Seoul and Tokyo. The group consists of artists and designers from various genres in pursuit of creating a new art expression reflecting the ideas of the present era. They have been doing projects in open fields by crossing the disciplines, using interconnecting technologies, and sharing open ideas. The group consists of Donguk Agos Lee, an urban planner/architect; Sung-Su Park, a new media architect; Hancheol So, an architect; Hiroto Takeuchi, a sound designer; and Jiin Yoon, an object designer. One of their representative works is 'Robot Architecture Archetype(2022)', presented by ZER01NE in Seoul, South Korea. For ESC 1(SSALT_IN) project, Keunwook Kim takes part in industrial design and creative direction. Most of his works start with observing people and building meaningful interactions in the physical environment.

Comment from Judge: (Takuma Iwasa) A very clean design is being put together. 

Future Design Challenge 2022 Outline
2212_PressRelease_FutureDesignChallenge2022en_img_830x830This international design competition program is to provide opportunities for up-and-coming problem solvers or futurists to win the prestigious award for innovative design excellence. This competition calls upon young, creative and talented engineers and designers around the world, to present their fresh ideas, thoughts, and design.

2022 Theme
"Averting Future Climate Crises Through The Power Of Engineering.


  • Application period: 2022.Dec.23  - 2023.Feb.28
  • Judging period: 2023.Mar.01 - Mar.16
  • Announcement of award winners: 2023.Mar.17 > 2023.Mar.28

  • Future Design Challenge Award (Gold/Silver)
  • Prize money: 
    -    Gold - ¥300,000 JPY (Approx. $2,189 USD) for 1 person or 1 group
    -    Silver - ¥100,000 JPY (Approx. $730 USD) for 2 persons or 2 groups
  • i-PRO Japan Tour (Gold Only)

  • La Myra Bening, Designer, Gold Award Winner of Future Design Challenge 2021
  • Hironori Iwasaki, Professor at Department of Creative Innovation, Musashino Art University, Business Designer
  • Takuma Iwasa, Representative Director and CEO, Shiftall Inc.
  • Tomoyuki Hirose, Representative Director and President, Tomoshi Bito inc

For more details, please come and check our website at https://futuredesignchallenge.com/

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